Monday, December 9, 2013

TyRuban Elligson

I went to sit and listen to TyRuban Ellingson. He came to Richard Bland College in the library. He is a very talented graphic designer. His work a been displayed in a numerous amount of Hollywood films. Such as, Jurassic Park, Blade II, Avatar, Star Wars, Casper the Friendly Ghost, the Terminator II and many more. I really didn't get too much information from him but I did find out that his favorite paper to draw on is 8'11 printer paper, because its easy to find. lol I thought that was funny. I found it interesting that some of his best works were done in a hotel on their printer paper. Also he mentioned that his favorite pen to use is the chead ball point pen (the one from banks/ hotel drawers
) because they have a certain drag to them and they are not manufactured.

Book Signing

About a month ago I attend a book signing by the Author,Minnie Louise Davis. She has written 5 books, including a coloring book called Brittini in ABC Land. If your wondering how the Brittini in the title of the book match my name exactly, you've probably come to the conclusion that the book is about me, and your RIGHT! The book is in fact about me. And the author is my grandmother. :) Way back when I was a child, my grandmother came up with the idea to write a children book. It's a very good book and I would recommend it to any child learning their ABC's. At the signing she was selling other books as well. A Mother's Prayer I & A Mother's Prayer II. Those stories are based on the true story about my Mentally Ill uncle murdering my other uncle. It's a very interesting book.

My trip to the VMFA

The Virginia Museun of Fine Arts is a pretty fantastic place to visit if you're in Richmond. Free general admission, a good amount of events (Fridays, art & wine, etc), some visiting exhibits (you will have to pay for tickets, but it's always worth it), an in house restaurant, and a more casual cafe.My Aunt loves this place and actually plan trips down to Richmond in order to see exhibits (Picasso, faberge eggs, etc) and they live close to Maryland  (having access to those awesome museums) and have traveled all over Europe visiting museums, and like some other people in these reviews, keep coming back. I love walking through the museum, visiting one of the temporary exhibits, and then relaxing outside with a drink or a snack from the cafe.
It's a great place to visit, again and again.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Food For thought

                Looks and clothing matter in "Everything That Rises Must Converge." It's a world in which if you don't wear a tie you look like a "thug," and if you've got a briefcase then you must be respectable. Every character has a distinguishing feature or item of clothing,a hat, protruding teeth, or red shoes. And when we're introduced to the characters, we, along with Julian, make assumptions.
This idea of making judgments is powerful because it makes us think: why do we wear what we wear? Why do other people where what they wear? What do you think when you see someone dressed in overalls versus someone dressed in a tuxedo?
Sure, making judgments is just part of the tools we use to get through life. If you had to get to know everyone on your daily bus commute, you'd never make it to work. But O'Connor wants us to think deeper: what can we really know about a person or a literary character from their red shoes?

Friday, September 6, 2013

This is my first blog ever. I'm not used to writing blogs at all, but hopefully I adapt quick and learn to love it through the semester. we go! Today in class we talked about the book The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe. This story was about a man Named Montresor who is out to seek revenge on Fortunado, a guy whom supposedly insulted him. So he decideds to use Fortunados love for wine as a weakness and gets him to taste the wine. Enough to make him drunk. Montresor built a wall around Fortunado and buried him alive. And he later died??? I wasn't able to understand the story completely but me personally, I thought the story was ok. Hopefully this semester i'll read another book and actually like it.